San Diego Center for Neurofeedback can help individuals with ADD/ADHD who are looking to benefit from a long-lasting, healthy change with their daily life.  Neurofeedback can help train your brain to become stabilized and function more efficiently.  Brains with ADD/ADHD may tend to hyper-focus, become easily distracted, and run at a high speed only to crash at an inopportune time.  EEG Biofeedback (another name for Neurofeedback) helps the brain learn how to correct these issues by providing the necessary feedback to the brain via video games.

Neurofeedback as a Treatment for ADD/ADHD

Biofeedback treatment is considered a “Level 1 – Best Support” for ADD/ADHD by the American Academy of Pediatrics for children and teens. That is the highest level of intervention or treatment you can obtain for your child or teen.  Neurofeedback is also able to help adults who struggle with ADD/ADHD interfering with their work, school, and relationships.

Individuals with ADD/ADHD may have issues with inattention, distractibility, hyperactivity, impulsivity, or other uncomfortable or difficult behaviors, demonstrating dysregulation or instability.  A dysregulated brain may have inconsistent performances, inability to calm down at the appropriate moments, and have difficulty transitioning between tasks. This leads to inconsistent and uncomfortable behaviors.  Neurofeedback also helps with the following issues of ADD/ADHD that can be corrected with brain training:

  • Hyperactivity and fidgeting
  • Selective attention and focus
  • Attention span difficulties
  • Emotional sensitivities
  • Flexibility with changing perspectives
  • Transitioning to different activities
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Giving up, freezing, or becoming too frustrated

For more information on Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD, contact Dr. Hilber at San Diego Center for Neurofeedback.

Written by Tanya Hilber, PsyD