Managing Holiday StressIt is that time again-“the most wonderful time of the year” (or so they say)! The holidays are supposed to be a time of enjoying family, seeing friends, enjoying good food, and creating lasting memories. But lets face it—the holidays can also be VERY stressful! Not only is stress difficult on our bodies (and our health) but it can potentially ruin our holiday as well. With all of the business associated with the holiday, we may not be able to check in with our therapist to help us manage our stress levels.

So here are a few helpful hints on holiday stress management:

  •       Don’t forget to STOP, and take a deep breath (follow this link for a quick and easy breathing exercise)
  •       Continue with your exercise regimen
  •       Plan ahead
  •       Go for a walk and get out of the house
  •       Listen to music
  •       Talk with a friend
  •       Attend a yoga class
  •       Be comfortable saying “no”
  •       Set realistic goals (and a realistic budget)
  •       Don’t abandon healthy habits that are already set in place
  •       Don’t over commit
  •       Ask others for help if you are feeling overwhelmed
  •       Take a break from the mall and meet a friend for coffee or lunch
  •       Make a “to do” list to manage your time appropriately

Just remember, its normal to feel stressed and anxious during the holidays (we all do!). Happy holidays!