Teen and Adult Counseling San DiegoWhat Does Healthy Recovery Look Like?

There are a variety of healthy ways to recover from a breakup.  The most effective path will vary from one person to the next, but basically, it will include any or all of the following.

Talking at length to friends about the relationship. 

Instead of remaining isolated, this is the time to seek out support from friends and loved ones.  Those who do not feel that they have a valid support system can benefit greatly from counseling in San Diego, as a counselor is trained to listen and be supportive.

Distracting your mind from thinking about your ex. 

Those going through a breakup needs to connect with what they really enjoy and what brings them happiness.  Laughter can heal the soul.   This is the time to connect with who you really are and what you enjoy outside of the relationship.

Focusing on getting enough exercise and eating good foods. 

The body is going through a traumatic shift and needs this kind of extra physical support.  Proper nutrition can also help to balance the system, and exercise has been clinically proven to counteract depression.

Taking the time to grieve.

Grieving is a normal and expected part of ending any relationship.  When a person takes the time and space to grieve, it typically speeds up the healing process.  Eventually you will start to think about new relationships and what you really want out of a new partner.

When Do You Need Counseling?

Counseling in San Diego is readily available for those who are just too emotionally overwhelmed by their breakup.  If you are having trouble with your normal day-to-day regime, it’s time to get a professional to help you.  Signs to look for include depression, frequent crying, sleeplessness and changes in eating habits.  If you are extremely irritable and moody, it may also be time to see a counselor.

When it comes to teenagers, the same rules apply.  When a breakup isn’t properly handled it can interfere with grades and applying to college.  It can also lead to long-term dependency issues on things like drugs and alcohol. Parents should look for signs that they child isn’t recovering from a breakup and seek out teen therapy in San Diego when it is necessary.

Counseling in San Diego or elsewhere can help you to uncover what is really going on at the root of your emotions.  You’ll explore a variety of issues.  For example, does the pain you are experience relate to your past?  Once you gain a deeper level of understanding, it can help promote a better degree of self-awareness and self-confidence.  Cultivating these feelings is essential for moving on and healing.