Todays class left me pondering the following statement…

“True leaders are men and women who know when to stand, when to wait, and when to walk on.” -Dr. Vince Pieranunzi

Teenage Counseling San Diego

This morning my Psychology 101 class finished watching the movie “The Dead Poets Society,” as part of the course curriculum. The focus of the course is on self-development and learning about your personal roadmap. While discussing some of the important points from the film, and how to apply the story to our personal lives, this quote really “stuck out” to my students. The above quote was written by a previous professor at Point Loma Nazarene University, Dr. Vince Pieranunzi, and is extremely profound. Personally, I think that this is one of the biggest challenges that we as humans must face. And is often what brings people into therapy.

Daily we confront situations that require us to consider our personal belief and/or value system. However, the challenge is–How do we respond? And–When do we respond? Knowing the difference between waiting and responding right away is the sign of true intellect.


By: Kirstin Filizetti, PhD